Nintendo 3DS – Part 2

I just now had the opportunity to check out the 3DS in action before its release this friday. Come inside and hit the jump to find out how my first impressions were…

I had the chance to play a match of Super Street Fighter IV and one thing right away: The system is astonishing.

It kinda was like a window into another dimension, literally. You are holding this tiny little thing in your hands and watch through a window into a huge room filled to the brink with detail. The 3D effect works really well with the game.
The last time i played Street Fighter was Super Street Fighter II on SNES. Back then, I always played Vega, so i chose the character again, not knowing that they revamped his moveset at some point.

I still won the mach though, thanks to the more than impressive slide pad. It feels so good its not even funny anymore. Really, I expected something similar to the PSP but this baby is awesome.

Still, I can’t help to wonder if it will last. Sure, the 3D effect is awesome, but it still was just Street Fighter. It played well and looked awesome but after all, this particular game does not benefit from the 3D. A game like Rayman would, but how well that fares is a story for another day, friday to be exact.

I personally had no problems with the 3D effect. I also have no problems with 3D in movies so i think everyone who can enjoy 3D movies will enjoy the 3DS. And even if you have a problem, there is always the 3D slider to switch it to any given setup.

Stay tuned for the third and final part in my 3DS experience writeup this friday when I bring this baby home and pop in some DS games 🙂

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