The Prophecy: Update

Another update on my fine Wii game: The Prophecy. And even though it is some interesting stuff, it is NSFW this time, so be sure to check where you are before the jump.

The next version and thus the final demo before the beta will feature stages 3 and 4. Within the castle walls, you meet a few new characters and faces. One of them is the Queen of snow, my equivalent to death. She does look like a mere Succubus at first glance though, including exposed breasts and wearing no pants.

Some people may argue that I have her designed like that just for them titties. But i can assure you that is not true. While I do admire the female body and it’s form in all its beautiful glory, the deisgn was chosen to reflect the world Mirenia lives in.

As you might have guessed, this is not our world. I chose to not let Mirenia live in medieval europe. Instead, she lives in a world not unlike ours, yet still different. A world created by women, where the gods are female. A wordl that forgot it’s roots, thus paving the paths for the evil of men.

That does not mean that I share a feministic point of view.  I treat everyone as equal, no matter if they are male, female, black, white, hispanic or Na’vi. I was merely interested in exploring the opportunity of a female main character that is not just titts and sex. In making Mirenia the character she is, I tried to develop her in a way curretnly unknown to this type of game. The regular hero in adventures like this is male. Notable exception is Samus Aran. Sure, Konami did it with Order of Ecclesia, but Shanoa is still underdeveloped, a trait she shares with classic Samus Aran. (other M does not count)

And that is the reason I designed Delilah, the IceValk the way she is. I wanted to oppose Mirenia with a creature of pure lust and sexuality. A foreshadowing of her own self if you will, for all we know she could end up like this, a plot string we are developing more deeply in this version. The connection to the mirror, the inner self, the darkness and the titular dark half grows even stronger in the final version. But more on that later.

For now, enjoy the Artwork for Delilah.

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