Nintendo 3DS – Part 1

The name is program here. My thoughts on the 3DS a few days before I actually get it. And to round things of, once I actually have it, I will post my thoughts on how I feel, what my impressions are and what changed from today. Have a look…

Thing is, i am an early adopter. I play games now since the NES days. And since the SNES days, i am an early adopter. I bought the first Super Gameboy that was released. I bought the first N64 that was released. I got the GBA and the Cube both the day they were released. Same goes for GBA SP, DS, and Wii. I did skip the GBMicro back when it was released though. I do have one now, but that was a gift. Anyway, I am an early adopter. So logically for me, the first thing I did when Nintendo announced the price and date for the 3DS in Europe, I went to my local shop and preordered one. In blue, because my fiancee wanted a blue one.

I expect the system to be of the same quality as the DS previously. I read a few previews and hands on, but imagening the 3D effect without ever testing it yourself is kinda hard. I do love 3D movies and expect a similar result though.

I am not a fan of gazillion online servies and non gamer applications. I want the 3DS because of the games. Ocarina of Time 3D mostly. But also launch games like Street Fighter and Rayman are of my liking.

I also want to see how DS games look on the system. I read something about a filtering on old games, so maybe the pixelation effect is gone. Dunno. What I also want are movie trailers and shows in 3D on the system. I read that the system can display any 3D content, and I expect Nintendo and the movie companies to fully explore every option.

Stay tuned for my review of the system later 🙂

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