The great Christmas Gaming List – #4

It’s this time of the year again. You know when you have a gazillion year in retrospective articles and even more previews for games you can’t play yet. So why don’t we take a different look at things this time?

So, this is another one of them Top10 lists. But what I do is, I pick the ten best games to play during the christmas days. From all consoles. Ever!

Today we take game #4:

Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure
We are in our Top 5 and at this weeks end, so here we go with the most unknown and yet most awesome game ever.
WHy is it awesome? Well because my friend it mixes awesome riddles that train your brain with brilliant point and click gameplay, a perfect presentation in music and visuals and all of that tied together by a predictable yet charming story.
No wonder this game got rave reviews.
And why is it unknown? Well, do YOU know it? There you go…
Do Yourself a favour, go out and by a NEW COPY of this game. Just do it. And if you can’t find one, the go and buy a used one and then e-mail Capcom and tell them how much you loved this one (and Okami) and that you are sorry for beeing the fool that BA Barracus pitys because you actually overlooked this priceless gem. Go ahead. And play this all weekend!

Top Ten Christmas Gaming:
#10 – RUDI

#9 – Snowboard Kids
#8 – Kirby Superstar Ultra
#7 – Megaman X
#6 – Psychonauts
#5 – Okami

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