The great Christmas Gaming List – #6

It’s this time of the year again. You know when you have a gazillion year in retrospective articles and even more previews for games you can’t play yet. So why don’t we take a different look at things this time?

So, this is another one of them Top10 lists. But what I do is, I pick the ten best games to play during the christmas days. From all consoles. Ever!

Today we take game #6:

So, by now you might ask yourself: WTF? THis has nothing to do with christmas! But yeah, that is the point. This is a List of games you can play during your christmas free time, they don’t neccesarily have something to do with christmas. I am here to help you have a good time. And there is little better time than Psychonauts. I mean, seriously, there is probably no better undersold game than this, except for maybe tomorrows pick.
I dont know what I can tell you here about this game. If you heard of it, you problably already played it. If not, here is a good excuse to go out and get it – IT IS AWESOME!

Top Ten Christmas Gaming:
#10 – RUDI

#9 – Snowboard Kids
#8 – Kirby Superstar Ultra
#7 – Megaman X

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