The Prophecy: Update

After a stellar opening for the demo (thanks for that btw) we are back on track working on the next version of the game.

If you missed the Demo, you can still downloat it here:
Wii Version:
PC Version:

To be honest, we still have a truckload of work before us. Not only in terms of gameplay and graphics, but also in terms of audio. Unfinished sound effects and placeholder music need to be replaced with the real stuff. Same goes for some graphics. But we are getting there slowly. As i write this, Daid is implementing the new enemies into the game.

Have a look at one imagr from an upcoming stage (from Stage 4, Castle Garden). Enjoy and stay tuned 🙂

Abandoned Castle Garden

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2 Responses to The Prophecy: Update

  1. dartmouth says:

    Very nice! Are the sprites lower-res out of necessity or because you haven’t had the time to make new ones?

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