Epic Mickey REVIEW

I dont know when it happened, but one day somebody decided that epic should be the new “in” word. And thus, alot of “epic” stuff was released. Epic Mickey though is the second “Epic” Wii game that actually deserves this monicker.

Truth to be told, i have not yet finished the game. However, that does not stop me from writing this, as i know the finale is right around the corner, and the ride towards it was awesome.

I dont want to spoil too much of the story here, as it is not your typical Disney fare but I can tell you it is quite enjoyable. Not only because of the way it is told, but also because of the cast, which is quite large.

The game itself plays like a mix between Super Mario Galaxy and Sunshine with a little bit of Zelda thrown in for good measure. And that is a good thing.

Never in my entire playthrough I found something that didn’t shine. Except the camera that is. Camera control is not bad. The camera is good aswell. It simply isnt perfect. However, that does not dimish the fun factor. I did have a few cheap deaths, but that was because I was too lazy to re-adjust the camera angle, so I am partially to blame myself.

Exceptional however is the rest of the game, especially the score. From the subtle but well recognizeable voices (there is no voice acting) to the very familiar sounding level cues (Captain Hook would fit well into Jack Sparrows world btw.) the production values of the game are stunning.

All in all, I can’t say anything new – you probably already read another review or two about this game. All I can say is: BUY THIS GAME!

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