The Prophecy: Update

Just a small update to keep you informed. After the departue of the formidable thatOtherPerson as a coder, i managed to get Daid as his replacement. You can check his page here. Now, onto the update:

Since the basic structure and gameplay of the game was already standing, we both focused on the opening and introduction sequence. We spent the time we had with writing the texts and adjusting the effects, scrolling speed and so on. Lucky us, we are as good as done with that, so we can begin to fuse everything together for your enjoyment.

I also worked on the soundtrack a little bit. I know I said I’m done but frankly, one is never done. There is always room for improvement. For example i do have a track in stage 3 that actually has a few wrong notes in it. Not so wrong that it hurts your ears, but wrong enough to make your brain realize something is wrong. I wanted to correct that, but after the correction I realized that the right tones take alot out of the atmosphere. So tehy are wrong again. It works in the context of the game.

I know some of you want some videos or at least screenshots of some enemies. And you will get both pretty soon. Until then, stay tuned!


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