Concerning the classics: GoldenEye

I am always a sceptic when they announce remakes or reboots. Somewhere down the line somebody was unhappy with a few events previously told and decides that he can do it better. But what if I like the old versions? Do I really want to see them become obsolete because of a new take on the franchise? Or is it for the better?

In the case of Castlevania, both timelines exist, and they are great. In the case of James Bond, the new movies clearly outshine the old ones. But what about the games?
The previous James Bond game based on the latest two movies was, as expected, a half done affair. While the Ps3 and 360 versions were mediocre, the Wii version simply lacked even that. I did enjoy it to a degree, but frustrating framerate issues and badly done cutscenes prevented me from really liking the game.
And while the PS3 and 360 finally get an original effort with Bloodstone, a game I will review the hell out of once it hits stores, the Wii crowd gets something far better in my opinion: GoldenEye.

A few years back, EA had the Bond licence and tried to cash in on the GoldenEye name with their utterly mediocre Villain mash up of the same name.
Now, infamous publisher Activision gives the name another push, with developer Eurocom handling the development duties. But what’s in it for us?

GoldenEye was a classic. It arrvied late in 1997 (2 years after the movie) and proved that a console FPS can work. Everyone who played it back in the day stilla grees that it was a masterpiece that clearly defined a generation.

No wonder then, that the notorious Bobby Kotick wants a piece of the cash pile that is the name. But lucky us, he made the right choice by bringing in Eurocom. I remember Eurocom fondly, because they made the exceptional “Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow” for the Super NES. And while not all of their projects are high profile, one can clearly see that the team knows what they are doing, if they take their time.

If you check the previews for GoldenEye on Wii, you see praise all over the board. Everyone who has played the game praises it. A few fanboys dislike it, because they complain about bad graphics and whatnot, simply because they remember the game to be better and prettier than it actually was.

Everything that made the original GoldenEye so good is back. And everything else was thrown out and replaced with more awesomeness.
I am a big admirer of Pierce Brosnan. But to make the newest Bond work, they had to bring in Daniel Craig – and I am glad they did.

Craigs Bond is the real Bond. No doubt about that. He is dark, gritty and as macho as one can getin the year 2010. He is also more serious to get the job done, and that makes it a completely new experience.

The developers made this a game of today. And it shows. The changes are subtle and make sense, and the classics have been preserved. From split screen multiplayer to the various game modes, it is all there.
The new modes including online multiplayer are a welcome addition, and for purists who dislike the modern health system in FPS games, there is still the classic mode with the half circles on your screen.

It all adds up, seeing that they brought in the screenwriter for the original GoldenEye movie and some Bond executives to make it right. Daniel Craig and Judy Dench reprise their roles as Bond and M, and the new roles are filled with great talent.

After all these years GoldenEye is back. A new generation of gamers can enjoy this, and so can we who grew up with the original. And for those of you who still don’t like it: There is always the original for you. The new version does not destroy the old one. it still is there…

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