The Prophecy: Update

A lot of progress these days. I have finished stages 1-3 now, which is basically half the game. I’ve also added some more detail to those stages, as you can see in the screenshots below.

Even better, all of the stage music is done for now. I am still missing boss battle music and ending music, but that’s not as hard as doing fitting stage music. I will refine the music further and further until everything is perfect though. Music is an integral part of a good 2D game.

Speaking of which, there will NOT be any 3D effects in this game. Everything is made in simple 2D pixel art. Pretty old school, I know, but that is the way I like it. I thought about doing a retro soundtrack at first to fit the mood, but I figured that a real soundtrack would be better.

As for now, have a look at three screenshots. One is entirely new, and the other one is a comparison shot with an old one. Enjoy.

Comparison shots:


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1 Response to The Prophecy: Update

  1. Elena says:

    First screenshot… the painting on the wall… that´s your fiancée?
    Anyway, I´m looking foward to see the whole project. Looks like a lot of work…

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