Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions REVIEW

My relationship with Spidey began as early as 1990, when I was six, a few months after my sixth birthday with the GameBoy game “The Amazing Spider-Man”. I was already at school and had learned the first letters. Later that year, I stumbled upon a Spider-Man comic printed in my language. I could not afford to buy it, so I read it at the store, at least I tried to. And I did pretty well. Soon I could already read the whole book, still in first grade.

Eventually my mother bought me the book. And the next one. And the next one…

I got myself Spider-Man 2 for my ninth birthday. The game was already out for a while, so I had time to stack up some cash for it. It took me eight years to actually realize what I had to do to complete the game…

The year is 2010, and in September, the next Spider-Man game sees the light of day. Called Shattered Dimensions, this game is developed by Beenox. So why should you care?

Sure, I love Spidey, but up to this point, little much good came after Ultimate Spider-Man in 2005. So whats there for you?

First off, the game is different from all the games before it. Not only because its a new developer. But because the developer made clear from the beginning what the goals were. Gone are the times of a free roaming Spidey through New York and while most people liked that about the other games, I did not. It just felt like a cheap way to prolong the game with random crimes and races through the city. It gets boring fast, and there were few indoor missions. You always did the same thing. That gets boring.

Not so in this game. Beenox just blatantly ignored the outcry of the people that wanted free roaming and made it level based. I like level based, and I will tell you why. Simply put: You can do so much more gameplay and creative things with level based games.

And the game is a blast. Make no mistake, it’s far from perfect. But in my humble opinion, it is the best Spidey game ever created. Not only that the levels show a versatility that’s unmatched by any other Spidey game ever, but because of the game’s hook, the four dimensions.

In this game, there are four different worlds with four different Spideys. each dimension has it’s own hero and villains, it’s own voice actors, graphical style and gameplay. Difference is they key. You sure can webswing wherever you want, just in confined space and set levels. From New York to the jungle, from the past to the future, everything is now possible.

The game is also brimming with fanservice. Cameos on billboards and talkabout, famous Spidey voice actors from the TV shows and over a dozen Spidey villains wait for the player. Furthermore, the game is developed for all three consoles by the same team, warranting that the experience is the same on all three systems.

There is also a DS port in the making, handled by the same team that did the critically acclaimed Web of Shadows DS. The DS port features only three dimensions though, but it still is a good game. It is a Metroidvania type of game, so you probably enjoy the heck out of it.

The Wii version is remarkably awesome as well. It is the exact same game as the PS3 and 360 versions, just with the graphics a little bit stripped down and some added pointer controls for web grabbing. Does it work? It does! In fact, there are instances where you just do not notice the difference in graphical quality.

If you like superheroes, Spider-Man or good action games in general, I recommend this. And if you liked the game, be sure to check out the corresponding comics, for they are worth it.

Bring on a sequel!

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