The Prophecy: Update

After a rewrite of the animation and battle system ( is awsome btw.) we are now near completion of the next big step: Battles!

In any Castlevania game, boss battles are a big factor. Creative bosses are a must have for this game also, so I delved deep into the magic box to find some interesting ideas. And I am sure you’re gonna love ’em once you play the game.
For now, we are focusing on the new animation system and the main enemies. You know, crows, bats, skeletons and zombies. Of course the final game will have more enemies but those have to do for now.

About the music:
I finished 6 out of the 8 songs the game’s gonna have. It’s mostly melodic instrumental stuff with some electronic influence for good measure. Some of you might think that I should get rid of the electronic parts or replace them with rock, but rest assured that, as a musician, I know what I am doing here 😉

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