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The Prophecy: Update

A lot of progress these days. I have finished stages 1-3 now, which is basically half the game. I’ve also added some more detail to those stages, as you can see in the screenshots below. Advertisements

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Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions REVIEW

My relationship with Spidey began as early as 1990, when I was six, a few months after my sixth birthday with the GameBoy game “The Amazing Spider-Man”. I was already at school and had learned the first letters. Later that … Continue reading

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The Prophecy: Update

After a rewrite of the animation and battle system ( is awsome btw.) we are now near completion of the next big step: Battles!

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The other M or: How I met Samus Aran

Water drips from the ceiling of an icy cave. It is freezing cold. The only sound I hear is a splattering sound as I walk through the door. I am in Sector 2 of the Bottle Ship now, trying to … Continue reading

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