5 great TV Shows and the games they (didn’t) got

Every few years, a TV Network breaks all hell lose with one of their new franchises. Franchises that evolve into more than just a 45 minute Show filled with random characters. And like most famous franchises, being it movie or comic, TV shows also get their respective games most of the time. But are they worth your time and money? Let’s take a look…

24 was one of the longest running TV shows ever. It was the longest running espionage show ever. And it was one of the highest rated drama show ever. So it was no wonder, that after its second season, the show got a game.
24 – The game was developed and published by Sony for their PlayStation 2 system. it featured an original story that was set between seasons 2 and 3 of the show, written by the writers of the show,f eaturing the likeness of the original characters, most of the times even their voice.
The game was developed in a way that it would take you roughly 24 hours to complete it. All was well. However, the game had its downsides too. Sloppy camera, urnesponsive controls and some badly designed level layouts. It was not a bad game by all standards, it was just not a good one either. However, if you are a 24 nut, take a look. The story alone makes your time worht it and you can get it cheap for under 10 bucks nowadays.

Probably the most talked about show for the last six years, LOST got its game a few years ago for the PS3, PC and X-Box 360.
Like the 24 game, it featured likeness and voices from the show. It also featured a really great and compelling story right up the alley of the show.
However, it too was riddeled with bad design chocies, poor camera control and mediocre execution. What makes matters worse is the fact that the game is not canon. It is based on the show, but it does not really happen.

Too bad, because some ideas of the game are very brilliant and would take the show even further. If you like LOST then take a quick look, but you don’t miss anything if you skip this.

CSI is one of those phenomenons where I personally do not understand the hype. In my eyes, all CSI shows are plain and simply boring. That does not mean that they are bad shows, it just means that they are not made for me. CSI New York maybe, but only every now and then.
Still, the shows have alot of fans, and obviously they also have games.
Wii games, DS games, and more or less official versions for PC and PS3/X-Box 360.
However, those games are all more or less mediocre at best and a total failure at worst. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that i hate detective games and the likes. In fact I LOVE them. However, when they are as badly executed as THIS, then sorry, DO NOT WANT!

Dark Angel
The short lived TV series with Jessica Alba got its own game, back in the PS2 days. And whatdoyaknow, the game is bad.
It’s not as bad as Superman 64, but still very bad. It didn’t help that it was bad at a technical level, or on a story level or at any level either. In fact, the game was the personification of a licenced title – a quick and cheap cash in. My first game was better and this is still utterly bad. Keep away from this being of evil!

Buffy – The Vampire Slayer
I admit it: I am a huge Buffy nerd. I just love that show. Angel – not so much, especially after Season 2 – but Buffy… Oh man… I own the entire show on DVD in its original expensive Digipack release. Yeah. I love that.
So, the show got its fair share of games. And, frankly, most of them suck. If you ever see a Buffy game, keep away from it. There are TWO exceptions: Buffy The Vampire Slayer for X-Box and Buffy: Chaos Bleeds for Ps2, GameCube and X-Box. Those two are the only worthwhile Buffy games. They are not masterpieces, but they are good games and very enjoyable. Unfortunalte,y both are not canon, but they are still worht your time and money, considering you can get them for less than 10 bucks nowadays.

That’s it already. I wanted to note here that I excluded the old classic Cartoon games on purpouse. I will probably write another article about them down the line, for games like Duck Tales (NES) or Gargoyles (Genesis) deserve some love.

Also, here is a small list of AWESOME TV Shows that would have deserved some great games but never got some:

Monk (Clean up before your solve the case)
Jericho (Not Clive Barker Version)
Dollhouse (A game with hundrets of characters and missions)
Firefly (Where is that MMO now)
Mythbusters (SERIOUSLY!)

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