The Legend of Zelda Timeline Theory

Since the Official Timeline has been revealed, this Theory that is a few years old has become obsolete. However, it proves how much value it had, because I was right most of the time 😉 This Topic has been locked!

There are a great many theories regarding the Zelda Timeline. Some say there exists a master document within a safe hidden in Aonuma’s office, others say there is no timeline, others say there are more timelines. No-one knows the truth and frankly, Nintendo does not tell.

So I analyzed all the games in detail to find out what is going on. If there are language differences in information, only the japanese version counts. If there are remakes, only the newest version counts. Let us begin with a short rundown…

Information coming directly from the good folks at Nintendo:

  • After Ocarina of Time, the Timeline was split into two parts: Adult Timeline and Child Timeline.
  • Four Swords precedes Ocarina of Time.
  • Twilight Princess is in the Child Timeline

Now, that those things are clear, let us begin with a little connection that is obvious in the respective games:

  • The Legend of Zelda and The Adventure of Link are direct sequels.
  • The Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks are direct sequels and are in the Adult Timeline.
  • Majoras Mask is a direct Sequel and in the Child Timeline.
  • Minish Cap is a prequel to Four Swords and thus the very first game in the Timeline.

Okay, so now we know all those things. This helps us list the Games. Our current list, the one OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED,  looks like this:


  • Minish Cap
  • Four Swords
  • Ocarina of Time
  • Majoras Mask
  • Twilight Princess

Adult Timeline:

  • Wind Waker
  • Phantom Hourglass
  • Spirit Tracks

However, there are still a lot of games missing, and we have no official information about them. Thus, there is alot of room for debate about the timeline. Let us begin right here.

First and foremost, the timelines. In Ocarina of Time, when Zelda sent Link back in time so that he could grow up again, that’s when the split occured. All the events from the game happened. This split the timeline into the Adult Timeline, when Link was gone after he defeated Ganondorf and he never returned, and the Child Timeline, after Link returned to his time, just in time to warn the King of Hyrule of Ganondorf’s plans. The Child Timeline would in that case be the real timeline. The events that really happened. Everything else would be an alternate reality.

This view is mostly debated by fans, but still, it is the official stance by Nintendo’s own Eiji Aonuma, the current mastermind behind the series. He is responsible for most of the story details, and he said those things directly in interviews and statements, therefore, they count as official information.

But what can we do about the other games? Well, there are ideas that take into account the geography of Hyrule itself, but I don’t think those theories are correct. Hyrule is an ever changing country, mainly because it gets redesigned in every game to provide a new feeling for the player. You wouldnt want to run through the same world in a dozen games.
There are noteable exceptions though, like the Temple of Time and its ruins in Twilight Princess, located in the Faron Woods, that also act as the lost woods in the game. It is the very same place, where we find the Master Sword in A Link to the Past.

Thus, one can speculate that A Link to the Past is a sequel to Twilight Princess. This would place it in the Child Timeline. That also lines up with the intro of the game. In it, we are told that seven wise men sealed the gate to the dark world, after Ganon took over and tried to invade Hyrule. These events happened in Ocarina of Time, when Link was an Adult. After he was sent back, he told the King about the things he had seen. Thus, the King ordererd Ganondorf’s execution. However, the seven wise men, different beings in this timeline since they were not yet slaughtered by Ganon, failed in doing so, resulting in the alternate plan of sealing him into the Twilight Realm. As stated in the intro to A Link to the Past: Those events became Legend…

It is true that some people argue that those events better suit the Adult Timeline. In fact, an old interview with Miyamoto states that Ocarina of Time precedes A Link to the Past directly. However, this interview is old, and that was during the development of the game, where there was no sign of a split timeline whatsoever. Thus, I consider it to be outdated information. The best fact against the Adult Timeline theory is, that the introduction to Wind Waker states that there was nothing between Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker. And if A Link to the Past would follow Spirit Tracks, the people surely would not have a legend of a country that does not exist anymore anyway.

It is my firm belief that A Link to the Past follows Twilight Princess. In Twilight Princess, Ganondorf is banished into the Twilight Realm. There, he joins forces with Zanto to invade Hyrule. After he fails, he dies. Theorists ask what happened next? How did Ganon come into the Dark World then? For those answers we must examine the very last scene of the ending to Ocarina of Time.

The ending shows Link arriving where it all began – when he first met Zelda. This was before Ganondorf invaded the Golden Land. However, in Twilight Princess, Ganondorf already had the Triforce of Power. This is a crucial point in the game. It is the reason the seven wise men fail to kill him. Instead, he uses the very same sword they impaled him with and kills the Sage of Water.
That either means two things: 1.) There is another untold story in there, or 2.) The impression at the ending to Ocarina of Time is wrong, and Link and Zelda reunite as children AFTER the seal to the Golden Land has already been opened. The second theory would also fit with the Introduction to A Link to the Past again.

Imagine, a little boy coming to you telling you the same story your daughter told you yesterday, without any indication of it being true. What would you do? But if the gate was open, and Link arrived right after Ganondorf invaded the Golden Land and claimed the Triforce of Power his own, he could warn the King and the soldiers with a proof. They would fight a war against Ganondorf’s dark creatures while the seven wise men try to kill Ganondorf and fail. So they imprison him and seal the gate. Just as the introduction to A Link to the Past tells us.

Those things make it pretty obvious, that A Link to the Past follows Twilight Princess, and that the ending to Ocarina of Time did in fact happen after Link pulled the Master Sword.

So where does this leave us now?

  • Ocarina of Time
  • Majoras Mask
  • Twilight Princess
  • A Link to the Past

As I already wrote in an earlier article, there was a Japanese Zelda game for the Super Nintendo, that played in Hyrule during Link’s travels in Link’s Awakening. If you missed it, check here for Ancient Stone Tablets. Other official information tells us that Link’s Awakening is in fact a sequel to A Link to the Past.

So where are we now? We have categorized a few games, but still miss games? Where are The Legend of Zelda, Adventure of Link, Oracle of Seasons/Ages, Four Swords Adventures? Well, we will take care of those games now. Let us begin with The Legend of Zelda.

In this game, you can actually run around the coast of Hyrule. Even more, in its direct sequel, we find out that this Hyrule is just the southern part of a much bigger country which is made up of islands located on the Great Sea. Another example where the ever changing geography actually is relevant for the story. If one studies the world layout from Spirit Tracks, it becomes rather clear that it is the very same place as in The Legend of Zelda. We have Death Mountain on the north eastern map, the sea realm on the south eastern border, the grass and forest region southwest and the snow realm northwest.

It is very clear that Nintendo intended this game to be set at the same location as the original Legend of Zelda. Even more, neither Ganondorf nor the Master Sword are present in those games. Instead, we just have Ganon the beast and the Magic Blade. How is that?

Well, simply put, the Master Sword is at the bottom of the Great Sea, because Link rammed it into Ganondorf’s forehead in the end of Wind Waker. Ganondorf turned to stone and sank to the bottom of the sea. And while it is unknown how Ganon returned, he surely would not bring the one thing that actually can kill him with him.
All those things point to the conclusion that The Legend of Zelda, and its direct sequel Adventure of Link close the Adult Timeline generations after Spirit Tracks.

So where are we now?
The Child Timeline looks like this:

  • Majoras Mask
  • Twilight Princess
  • A Link to the Past
  • Link’s Awakening

The Adult Timeline looks like this:

  • Wind Waker
  • Phantom Hourglass
  • Spirit Tracks
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Adventure of Link

So what are we still missing? The Oracle games and Four Swords Adventures. Lets do the Oracle games first.

The Oracle games have a cool feature: You can link them together with a password once after you completed one of them. If you do it right, you not only get a few new features in the next game, but also an additional real ending. In this ending, Twinrova want to sacrifice Zelda to resurrect Ganon. They fail, and Zelda lives, with Ganon being only a mindless beast, unable to control himself. After Link kills Ganon and Twinrova, Zelda and Impa return to Hyrule while Link embarks on a sailing trip on the very same sailboat the intro to Link’s Awakening shows.

Not only that, but in the introduction, the COMPLETED Triforce sends Link on his quest in the first place. The Triforce was only completed TWICE: Once at the end to Adventure of Link and once at the end to A Link to the Past. (A thrid time at the end of Wind Waker, but that was just temporary, thus, it does not count.)

Theorists could argue that the Oracle games could be after Adventure of Link or maybe some other game. But the INGAME evidence clearly shows that the developers intended the games to be a sequel to A Link to the Past. Even the artwork matches with the original artworks from A Link to the Past and Link’s Awakening, including their re-released versions. Many locations from those games mirror things seen in Link’s Awakening. And since the whole world of Koholint was but a sewn together world of Link’s memories, it is obvious he got those memories from the Oracle games. Even more, Twinrova are dead in the Adult Timeline, but not in the Child Timeline. No matter how you spin it, the Oracle games were intended to be after A Link to the Past and before Link’s Awakening.

That leaves us with only one game left, and it is also the most tricky one. Because not only does it include Ganon AND the first bad guy Vaati, it also includes the Twilight Mirror, the Dark World and the backstory of how Ganondorf became Ganon in the first place.
But let us look at some details first.

This is the origin of how Ganondorf the man ultimately became Ganon by stealing a magic trident. But the game also tells us about the Dark Links and the Dark World. It acknowledges Minish Cap and Four Swords as its predecessors. It also tells us that this Link and Zelda have never fought either Vaati nor Ganon, as Ganon is completely unknown to either Zelda or Link besides a few legends. It also seems to take place in a similar Hyrule to A Link to the Past, not only geographically, but also various landmarks aid that theory.

So what does this tell us then? Well, first and foremost, it tells us that this game takes place before either A Link to the Past or The Legend of Zelda, because of the final battle. Ganon uses his trident, a weapon he obtained in this game and battles with teleportation and darkness. There are not many games where Ganon has a trident or fights in a similar way. Thus, one can only assume this is how his transformation from man to beast was completed.
Furthermore, it features seven maidens that protect Hyrule. With items like the Moon Pearl, the Magic Mirror and of course the parts that are set in the Dark World, one can only agree that this game takes place before A Link to the Past.
And while some may argue that the game takes place further in the timeline, that there was no sign of the Four Sword in Twilight Princess or that it takes place before the original Legend of Zelda, it is once again placed where I placed it because the facts just line up that well. And seeing that Aonuma stated that he originally wanted to use the story of Twilight Princess in this game, it is rather clear that the new result is a sequel to said game.

So this is how the final timeline looks like:

With that known, we can finally talk about some speculation about the placement of Skyward Sword as well as connections between the different games according to the timeline.

In Skyward Sword, Link comes from Skyloft, a City in the sky, unaware that Hyrule even exists. In the end, this chronicles the creation of the Master Sword. Is this the same city in the sky featured in Minish Cap? Or maybe Twilight Princess? Maybe those two cities are one and the same, and the Wind Tribe just degenerated to the birdlike Kumulans. As they lost their hands, they were unable to maintain their city, thus everything looks so ruined. Their evolution ultimately destroys their way of life. Could Link come from those people?

Also, where does this set Skyward Sword? Since the game is not released yet, we can only speculate but one thing is clear: it takes place BEFORE Ocarina of Time. That does not leave much room for speculation. Best guess without having played the game: It takes place after Four Swords. Because in Minish Cap, the Picori gave the hero the Picori Blade to aid him in battling evil. Why would they do that if the Master Sword exists? The Humans just could have used that sword.

Four Swords does not feature a real story at all, But if there was the Master Sword in place already, wouldn’t Zelda have something else to show Link than just the Four Sword?

So my guess is Skyward Sword deals with the creation of the Master Sword centuries before Ocarina of Time. The people then built the Temple of Time and sealed it away, after Link defeated some evil that is around the countryside. But we will not know for sure until the game is released. It could very well precede Minish Cap and tell the story we saw in its introduction. Who knows?

Some people wish for a true sequel to Adventure of Link, and I can see why. With the Triforce restored, Ganon dead and two Zeldas ruling over the land, the mood is perfectly set for a great story. However, one can only imagine how this all came to be in the first place. In the backstory to this game, it is revealed that there is a Zelda hidden in the castle which has been asleep for centuries because of a curse a dark sorcerer put on her on behalf of her brother. That happened centuries ago.

And the Adult Timeline is missing a CRUCIAL thing: Vaati’s death. Remember, Vaati finally perished in Four Swords Adventures, a game that happened in the Child Timeline. But in the Adult Timeline, Vaati would still be alive, as he was sealed within the Four Sword.

Let us assume that those events depicted in Adventure of Link happened sometime before Wind Waker. It would connect Wind Waker perfectly to Adventure of Link. Let us say that, generations after Ocarina of Time, Ganondorf managed to break the seal that kept him in and escaped to Hyrule. His Human form at least. He was weakened. His powers are still in the Dark World. He has little power left, but is determined to invade Hyrule.
However, no hero is found to battle him. The current Zelda has a brother. He demands the Triforce of Courage to battle Ganondorf, but Zelda refuses. Enter Vaati. After Ganondorf broke his seal, it was obvious that he would attempt the same plan he had in Four Swords, namely free Vaati to aid him without his knowledge. But the circumstances are different, thus the outcome is different as well.
So Vaati seduces Zelda’s brother into making her talk. In desperation for his country, the brother agrees, and Vaati uses this time to place the curse on Zelda. Her brother, realizing that all is lost, gives up hope and leaves Hyrule in the hands of the Gods. And they flood the land, taking Vaati and Ganondorf with them. This probably meant the end for Vaati, but Ganondorf, as we know, survived.
The Prince used his last power to gather his loyal servants and some of his people and embarked on a journey. He eventually discovers a new land for his people, and calls it Hyrule. Unbeknownst to him, Impa was there as well, hiding the Triforce of Courage from him all the time. She managed to get the King on her side, and together, they built the six Temples that should guard the Triforce of Courage. It was also agreed that all firstborn princesses must be named Zelda, to honor his lost daughter, who has been sleeping for generations in the castle’s secret room, until awakened by Link…

The pieces to this story are all there. We just have to connect the dots. It would be nice to get a statement from Nintendo on this matter, as it would clear up a lot of debate.

That was my little journey through Hyrule – I hope you liked it. Please come back anytime for more interesting tidbits on all things gaming!

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28 Responses to The Legend of Zelda Timeline Theory

  1. Anouki Agent Yellow says:

    Nice timeline, the only thing don’t like is Four Swords and Minish Cap being at the begining, then again those games always ruin a perfectly sound timeline 😦

  2. Teddy says:

    When Aonuma said Four Swords came first, he meant it extremely loosely and wasn’t very confident about it, because he didn’t work on the story for the game at all. The storyline for Four Swords Adventures is an absolute mess and makes no sense anywhere in the timeline (except after four swords obviously).

    It’s better to just say that the Four Swords trilogy isn’t canon, and that OOT comes first (well, Skyward Sword, but we’ll see about that.)

  3. justagun says:

    Didn’t the box of Link to the Past say that the Link/Zelda from that game were the ancestors of the ones in Legend of Zelda? They’d need to be in the same timeline.

    Also, the Triforce was assembled a 3rd time for a short period at the end of Wind Waker, when the King uses it to destroy the old Hyrule.

  4. ezekielrage says:

    1.) Aonuma said that Four Swords is the first in the timeline. This is official information. And as long as he or Miyamoto do not say anything else, it stays official information.

    2.) True, but I alredy stated that Information only taken from the games are canon. Boxes and manuals do not count, as the translators and designers of every region make this stuff up. In Europe for example, the line you mentioned did not appear on the back of the box. And since nowhere in the game it is stated that this is the case. Also, The ALTTP Manga by Akira Himekawa is based on the official Design Document of the game (that is why Ganon’s Tower in every depiction in any Manga/Comic is a spiked sphere) and it states that the original legend of the imprisoning war is roughly 400 years old.
    Furthermore, when ALTTP was developed, it may have been the case that it predates the original games, but there was no sign of Ocarina of Time anywhere back then, so after that game came out, things got changed even more. This is as good as it gets 🙂

    3.) True, but after that it vanished again so I left it out. In The Oracle games, the Triforce is complete in Hyrule Castle. It could NEVER be after Wind Waker.

  5. You know I’m still unclear about most of the timelines since I started playing Zelda with OOT. I think this requires a re-read, I’m just hoping you could put up a small infographic or screen shots of the games to help visualise the information.

    Good job though, thoroughly enjoyed reading all this.

  6. ezekielrage says:

    Indeed, that would be a good idea. I’ll see what I can do 🙂

  7. vaaatidorf says:

    This is a decent timeline. The FS games can’t go before OOT, though since SS has been confirmed to be first. I agree with your theory that ALTTP is after TP since I’ve been trying to get that point across for quite some time since TWW makes it impossible for the MS to reemerge. I should also point out that ALTTP is a confirmed prequel to LOZ. Both of the SNES ALTTP boxes and a 1999 interview with Miyamoto confirm this. I won’t even begin to touch the oracles, but I will mention this. An interview was found which mentioned that the oracles were going to connect to ALTTP/LA at a very early point in development, though the final results seem to fit the intent to make a sequel to AOL. There were six games planned at the time, and only two actually made it through. You can imagine that it was a mess. FSA has to go at some point before ALTTP or LOZ since it shows the origins of the 2D Ganon who is NOT OOT Ganon. Not to mention it was going to be the imprisoning war until Miyamoto changed the story a few weeks before the game was released. Other than that, it is similar to a timeline I had a few years ago. And I didn’t know the newer ALTTP manga was based off of the original desgin document. Do you think you could tell me where you got that info? If it is valid, then I would like to bring it up on several sites. And about what you said about the Japanese versions being the highest source of canon, I agree with that 100% since Legends Alliance went through a lot to tranlate the original Japanese text. The differences are astounding.

    • ezekielrage says:

      First off: Thank you.
      Second: The FS games go before OOT. This is official Information. It is from Aonuma himself. Doesn’t get more official than this. I know SS comes before Ocarina of Time but that does into mean it is first.
      I also wrote in that article that I am aware that originally, ALTTP was supposed to be a prequel to LOZ but that is old, outdated information and was retconned with Ocarina of Time. Basically, if you re-read the article carefully, you can find all arguments on that to be very valid.
      Last but not least, the Information about the Manga being based on Original Design documents comes from the ALTTP Nintendo Power comic. The fun thing is that, ALL ALTTP Mangas depict Ganons Fortress as a sphere shaped building. So I assume that not only the Nintendo Power Comic was based on the Original Design Document, but also the Other Mangas, since the Manga to Ocarina of Time is based on the Design Document aswell.

      THing is, I know that there are still some inconsitencies. And those will always happen. Because Nintendo does not have a bigger plan, or a bigger timeline. Aonuma states that they do, but this is simply a PR stunt. They don’t. The way i elaborated everything is the only way every single game makes sense. There is no other way. I did alot of research for this. I missed nothing. If id DID miss something though, be sure to tell me. As said though, old and outdated information is to be ignored. Only the newest information is canon!

      • vaatidorf says:

        DID I NOT SAY THE ALTTP-LOZ ORDER WAS RECONFIRMED BY MIYAMOTO IN 1999?! The 1998 timeline interview had a horrible translation and OOT was released in 1998, was it not? I have a link to two translations of the 1999 interview right here(I bring this interview up a lot. I should note that the old timeline order is confirmed twice in that interview):

        Anyways, regarding FS, the accuracy of that Aonuma quote is very shaky mostly because Aonuma wasn’t involved in the development of the first FS, and the development of FSA was a complete mess. There is also reason to believe that Aonuma was talking about TMC in that 2004 interview, not FS since FSA seems to have the same Link from FS. As much as I want TMC to be first, three interviews have been found in which Aonuma stated that OOT was first until SS came along.
        As for your reasoning for placing the NES games on the AT, the ocean argument is VERY WEAK. Guess what? There is an ocean surrounding Hyrule on the CT as well. LA mentions that there is one to the south. And I don’t think the elements of old Hyrule should reemerge after TWW. The Triforce reemerging doesn’t seem to work with me since the Triforce is what led to the destruction of old Hyrule. Who would bring something to New Hyrule that destroyed the old kingdom? Not to mention that Ganon accepted his fate when he died in TWW and the Triforce wasn’t even mentioned in ST. There is absolutly nothing that keeps the NES games from occuring after ALTTP.There’s also the fact that the Triforce was in the possession of the royal family some time before LOZ and it is implied that it was brought to Hyrule at the end of ALTTP.

        Anyways, thanks for the info about the mangas. That is very interesting. Sorry about the long posts. I just had to bring up a few things I came across on some of the sites I go to.

      • ezekielrage says:

        The reconfirmation is still outdated information. Even newer games depict it otherwise. The NES games are in the adult timeline. There are valid arguments for that, like the map layout in spirit tracks, the complete lack of any evidence of anything related to the child timeline. Also, LA is a dream by the wind fish. Nowhere anywhere in the child timeline is it stated that there is an ocean in hyrule. Heck, the games themselfs call it a land surounded by mountains and forests.

        No matter if it is shaky or not, it still stands that the Four Swords games are the first in the timeline. And Minish cap further cements this. by severing all ties to any other games. Clearly, if Minish cap would have come after any other game, the game would make references to something, anything. But it does not. The only other explanation is that the FS games are non-canon. But until Aonuma says otherwise, they are before OOT.

        You are welcome for the info. No problem with long posts 🙂

  8. vaatidorf says:

    Actually, the newer games force the NES games to occur after ALTTP since there has been very little reason to separate them. The only problem is Ganon’s return, but that is a problem anywhere since he died in ALTTP. And to use your own argument about there not being an ocean on the CT against you, you have FSA on the CT and there is an ocean to the south of Hyrule, which is exactly where it is in LOZ (AOL occurs north of the area we see in LOZ, ALTTP, OOT, FSA, TMC, and TP). To add to this, the Japanese LA manual mentions that Koholint is south of Hyrule. The translation is available here:
    Actually, I’d recommend reading some of those since they reveal many things that the translations are very vague on, like TMC. In fact, I was a strong believer in TMC being first before last summer when we got THREE interviews in which Aonuma, the same one who said that FS was first (the rough wording was “The GBA FS we’re THINKING as the oldest game in the timeline.”), saying that SS is not first and that OOT was up until this point. I didn’t like it either, but I managed to modify my timeline to make it work. In fact, I tried to use an interpretation of the NP interview (it says that OOT is “sort of first”) and I was told “sort of” is a rough translation and the actual Japanese can also say that OOT was definitely first. And I don’t view any map connections to ST as very accurate since Nintendo seemed to out of their way to show that the classic games can’t occur after it. It is also a different land altogether. It is not an actual Hyrule since the king in TWW mentioned that this land will not be Hyrule, the only land with a doorway to the Sacred Realm. Geography arguments are very shaky as they are. Not to mention the fact that ST Hyrule is more advanced than the Hyrule in other games. And what is your explanation for the Triforce’s appearance in LOZ if it is long after a time when it was lost and forgotten. When old Hyrule was destroyed in TWW (the japanese version makes it very clear that it was destroyed), the only doorway to the Sacred Realm was lost as well.

    To tell you the truth, this is the best timeline-related argument I’ve had in a couple of months. I’m actually having fun with this.

    • ezekielrage says:

      Hehe, you are welcome. Still, if you change the order, other things simply do not make sense anymore. There is more to a timeline than just a few things. And as I stated, manuals don’t count since the developers themselfs never have a hand in them. Furthermore, I think the Koholint is south of Hyrule part was only written to put players on a wrong track regarding the true nature of the island, namely that it is a dream alltogether.

      And while it is true that the NES games COULD be after ALTTP, I argue that there are so many inconsitencies in that theory that it is far more likely that the placement after Spirit Tracks is true.

      All in all, my theory accoutns for most of the story inaccuracies aswell as some other inacuracies and ideas that happened during development of the games. I will change it once somebody from Nintendo comes out and states that some things i have here are blatantly wrong. Until then, I am happy you enjoy our discussion 🙂

  9. vaatidorf says:

    Can you tell me what inconsitencies there are with a post ALTTP placement of LOZ? The only one I can think of is Ganon being alive, but that is easily fixed if you place the FS games between ALTTP and LOZ or specualting that a third Ganon emerges (OOt Ganon is the first one, FSA Ganon is the second one). The inconsistency I keep pointing out with the NES games on the AT is the appearance of the Triforce. Ganon, as I’ve already mentioned, is a problem anywhere since he died in TWW, ALTTP (these are the two that matter here) and TP. i’m not including LOZ on that list since I’m refering to Ganon’s appearances prior to LOZ. LOZ wasn’t even supposed to connect to anytihng at the time since it was the very first game in the series.

    As for your point with the manuals, I’d agree with you if this was a US manual we are talkning about(I stopped trusting those after seeing the botched NOA ALTTP manual and comparing it to the Japanese one), but the Japanese ones have a bit more credit, especially when the LA one fits with the location of an ocean in all of the CT games. Your own ocean argument is defeated by the ocean shown on the FSA map. I should note that I had the NES games on the AT at one point, actually, my timeline was very similar to yours, but a few people managed to convince me that the NES games work better on the CT. I have to agree with the last two lines of your post. That case is especially true for the oracles and FSA.

    • ezekielrage says:

      Ganon alive is not the problem. I also think there is not a second ganon, rather the Ganon form seperated from Ganondorf. This would work with AT. Inconsistencies are the missing Master Sword, the existance of the Magic Sword, the complete lack of Dark World Portals aswell as the georgraphy of Zelda II, the abundance of Gorons in the AT andlast but not least:
      The Backstory as given in Zelda II!The Triforce of Courage, the Triforce Link has, was re-aquired by Link in Wind Waker (because of his courage) and given on to his kin ever since. And in Zelda II, the same thing happens basically. This clashes with the backstory of the CT, when the Triforce is complete after ALTTP. We know that somewhere prior to LOZ, the Triforce was split again and Zelda had the Trifroce of courage hidden away in the great palace. Then she was put into sleep mode.
      The prince kept the triforce of wisdom, obviously, since it lands in the hands of a later princess Zelda. Now, if That would have happened after ALTTP, the prince would not need Zelda to give him the trifroce. It is there. In plain sight in the castle (as we know from the oracle games) for everyone to see. So why not just go there and take it? Why didn’t he have access to it anyway? Simply put, because it was not complete. Ganon had the triforce of Power and Zelda had the Triforce of Wisdom. She also had the Triforce of Courage hidden away. By whom? Well, by the ancestor of link of course, who had it. That is the reason no hero showed up to save zelda. The reason dark link is in the great palace.

      Maybe your view may differ. It is fine to argue with someone who cares. Maybe, one day, Aonuma will show us a timeline. Maybe he dismisses it and says that there is none. Who knows? All in all, I think we should close this discussion here. I am happy though that you enjoyed talking with me about that. Also, i think we can stop the discussion here because you have points as valid as I do. And that is fine with me 🙂

      • vaaatidorf says:

        I can work with that. I really enjoyed this. I would like to see your views again elsewhere on the web, someday. I would enjoy seeing your views on one of the forums I go to on top of all of the crazy ideas I see there(you do not want to look at some of them). Until then, farewell.

  10. rydamus says:

    I believe it is stated in the intro to Four Swords Adventures that the game takes place right after Four Swords… so if that is the case then the Ganon in that game isn’t the Ganon from the others (it’s even stated that there is a Gerudo male born every 100 years) since Link and Zelda keep getting multiple incarnations why can’t Ganon? Plus he just doesn’t seem like the same Ganon to me… only major question i got is if it’s not the same Ganon then is he still sealed in the Four Sword? AGH! almost everything falls into a good place but Four Swords Adventures…

    Skyward Sword should be before Ocarina and after Minish and Four Sword, since it is confirmed that the Skyward Sword itself will become the Master Sword and it didn’t seem to exist before the Four Sword.

    other than that i agree on the whole time line… except the Oracle games may come AFTER Link’s Awakening considering it’s stated in the Awakening manual (i believe) that Link’s previous adventure was saving Hyrule from Ganon, but the 2 places he saved in the Oracle series were not Hyrule… but that could have been changed as soon as they decided to make a new game

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  14. eSemmel says:

    Just saw the translation of this on the zfans homepage and thought I’d like to add my two cents. Certainly a good job, Ezekiel. I agree with most of it, but there are some quibbles I have about inconsistencies that are present in this timeline.

    One of them is the placement of the Oracle games. Your main argument here is the fact that Link sets sail in the end, which may be interpreted as leading in to the beginning of LA, which in turn you placed after ALttP because of a reference in the obscurest Zelda game ever. The problem here is that during the Oracle games Link has several run-ins with both Princess Zelda and her nursemaid Impa. Both characters act as if they are meeting this Link for the first time and this is their first adventure together. Is this a translation problem or does this also go for the Japanese version? If one can go by this, the Oracle games – if they take place after ALttP – are removed from these events by at least a generation. That would place them either way after LA, or, given that LA is the sequel to the Oracle games, all three games way after ALttP.

    The other one that has been touched upon in the comments already is the placement of TLZ and AoL after ST. You argue with the lay of the land, however, I have difficulty imagining that the inhabitants of this “New Hyrule” would name their major landmarks after those from the legendary old country, should those legends even have survived. “Death Mountain” for example is never referenced in game. To your argument that the Prince in the records of AoL had to extol the information about the whereabouts of the Triforce of Courage, that is easily explained if you reread the text as it is originally given (unless I am misinformed here, in which case please correct me, this whole back story is found in the manual anyway, so you could again argue it doesn’t count): “It is said that long ago, when Hyrule was one country, a great ruler maintained the peace in Hyrule using the Triforce. However, the king too was a child of man and he died. Then, the prince of the kingdom should have become king and inherited everything, but he could inherit the Triforce only in part. The Prince searched everywhere for the missing parts, but could not find them.” If I read this right, the Triforce was complete at one point during the reign of the old king. Reading further, we are told that Link receives the following message from a scroll written by the king for the one destined to restore the Triforce: “This was written on the Scroll. “You who’ll control the Triforce of the future. I shall hand down to you the secrets of the Triforce. There are three kinds of Triforce – Power, Wisdom, and Courage. When these three are brought together, the Triforce will share its maximum power. Of the three, I have left Power and Wisdom in the kingdom. But the Triforce of Courage I have hidden for a reason. Not everybody can use the Triforce. It requires a strong character with no evil thoughts. But an inborn special quality is also necessary. Unfortunately, I have not found such a person during my lifetime.” “Therefore, I have decided to cast a spell on all of Hyrule. A crest will appear on a young man with that character who has been brought up correctly, has gained many kinds of experiences and reached a certain age. But, what will happen if someone else uses the Triforce before then? If it is misused, it will produce many evils”. And so on and so forth. To me, it would make sense to place these events a long time after ALttP and the according games a long time after that. Alternatively, there may have been another even earlier time the Triforce was complete in Hyrule. At the very least, I can’t imagine it taking place anywhere in the adult time line after OoT, as the Triforce was never truly restored their until well after the flood.

    I should also note that I haven’t played Skyward Sword yet, so any information gathered from there would not enter my reasoning yet. As I said, pretty good job otherwise and an appreciable effort.


    • ezekielrage says:

      Wow, that is an awesomly long read! Ill answer all your questions as soon as I have time, promised. As said, I will revise my timeline with my own theories i am currently doing, called mysteries of the zelda universe. Thus, I will develop two Timelines: One that is pretty much safe and sound confirmed by Nintendo and the second one takes all my personal theories into account. This may take a while though…

  15. I think that SS is the first episode and MC the secondo: in SS Hylians live onto the clouds and in MC we can return there

  16. Michael Velasquez says:

    Hello well i saw your timeline and i believe this one was the correct but nintendo has oficcialy realead the true timeline in the legend of zelda artbook Hyrule Historia the timeline was created by Eiji Aonuma here a link to the timeline:

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