The TOP 10 N64 Games of ALL TIME!

Well, everyone has his own opinion. Here, I’ll show you mine, aswell as WHY!

10.) Paper Mario
Frankly, if you have a Wii, go to the Wii Shop channel and download this now. It is a RPG featuring Mario characters in a Mario setting, completly in 3D with 2D characters that act like 2D characters and the whole point of it was it to show that they are 2D characters and fully aware of it. If you still read this: WHY ARE YOU NOT DOWNLOADING THIS YET?

09.) F-Zero X
If there was one thing the N64 was famous for, it was his transistions from 2D to 3D. Some of the best 3D Versions of old games are on this system and games like this make us realize why. Not only did Nintendo revamp the entire game mechanic, they also spiced things up a little bt, giving you 30 cars to chose from, complete with a fast Metal soundtrack. It is available on the Wii Shop and a MUST HAVE purchase!

08.) Turok 2
Remember the days when there was a little company named Acclaim that regularly made new games? No, well, thats because the company went extinct, due to the lack of good games. However, this little company had a development house called Iguana. This was the one dev house that actually made good games. And this game is so good, it STILL is one of the best console shooters ever. Sure, it’s visuals are outdated and the gameplay is slow, more remniscent of adventure than shooter, but so be it. If you liked Metroid prime, and I know you did, you’ll like this. Simply because after Acclaim went extinct, some devs from Iguana joined forces with another N64 powerhouse to form RETRO STUDIOS.

07.) Extreme-G
The second and last Acclaim game on this list, Extreme-G was basically F-Zero X with bikes instead of cars and guns added for your pleasure. It was released before the aforementioned game and not as well balanced, but it was alot more fun, at least in single player mode, due to the use of the guns. And the fantastic techno soundtrack.

06.) Castlevania – Legacy of Darkness
Thing is, I always read about that there is no good 3D Castlevania, but that is simply not true, for Legacy of Darkness is awesome. The main reason people don’t like it is, that it was just a mere special edition that went full price back in the late 90ys. That bugged people. Still, it is a fine example of overlooked gem, for it is one of the finest Castlevania entries ever crafted and up to this point, the best 3D Castlevania hands down.

05.) Jet Force Gemini
If there was one company that was THE KILLAH during the N64 days, it was RARE. Developers of such Magic Hits like Banjo Kazooie or Conkers Bad Fur Day. Well, they also did this little gem. A 3rd Person Action Game in a Sci-Fi setting, complete with spaceships, orchestral sounding epic score and a quest that took you days to complete, just to realize youre not even halfway trough. Well done. What happened to it? Oh, remember that OTHER dev house that went on to create RETRO? Well, that would be those guys, or at least most of them.

04.) The Legend of Zelda – Ocarina of Time
Hailed by many as the best game ever created, and its easy to see why. For its time, it had fantastic graphics, brilliant design, epic soundtrakc and just about everything about this game was right. However, it did not age that well, as some design mistakes clearly cost the game some slack. Still, it is oneof the best games ever made and will regain its status once again soon, on the 3DS. Until then, head over to your Wii Shop channel, you need this!

03.) Golden Eye
You know, once every generation a game is created whose legacy will aid it until the end of days. Funny enough, the N64 had more such games. This is probably the ultimate one, purely based on the fact that gamers still rave about it, over a decade after its release. Developed by none other than RARE, this game is the ultimate console ego shooter. Its not just nostalgia speaking, many elements from modern shooters were introduced here. Lets just hope that Activision does not sccrew this one up, as there is a remake due in late 2010…

02.) The Legend of Zelda – Majora’s Mask
When it was originally released, this game was praised by critics and disliked by gamers. Many found the 3 day cycle off putting, even I. However, after growing up a little and actually realizing what this game was about, i was so hooked, it still stands in my top list of Zelda games. Buy this game in the Wii Shop channel now. Seriously. If you dot ONE thing in your life, play this game!

01.) Super Mario 64
This is it, the best N64 game, that also happens to be its first. And whatdoyaknow, it is one fine piece of software. Basically, this is the definition of Super Mario in 3D. Just about everything in this game is right. The little nitpicks one can have with this game are up for discussion, but there is no denying that this game is epic win. And so be it. If you still havent bought it, You have a long list of games for the Wii Shop channel, and if you can buy only one, let it be this one…

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