Announcing: Citadale – Gate of Souls for Wii U

This will be a very short post so I’ll cut to the case: I am developing a Wii U exclusive Retro Action game similar to the old, classic Castlevania games. The game is called Citadale – Gate of Souls and should hopefully be out by 2015. If you want to know how it looks like, there are screenshots after the jump! Continue reading

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A statement to videogame companies

After reading what Ubisoft had to say about Wii U support, I came to one simple conclusion: Those people have no idea what they are actually doing, and here’s why:

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Stop making videogame movies

There has not been one good videogame movie. No, that one does not count as it was not really good as a movie, just barely serviceable due to the license. No, that one does ot count either, same reason as above. So why do videogame movies fail? Because people have no clue about how some things are made. Lucky you, I am here to help… Continue reading

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Modern Media Mixed Messages

I am currently getting back into StarCraft 2 and while I install the game I kinda keep thinking about modern media in general – games, comics, movies, music – and why times today are sucking more than ever and yet are better than ever at the same time. Continue reading

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PokéMon Snap MMO

You want a PokéMon MMO? I want something else – a PokéMon Snap MMO. Why do I want that and how does it work? Come in to find out! Continue reading

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Virtual Boy – All games review and 3DS Virtual (Boy) Console candidates

The Virtual Boy is the one system Nintendo wants to forget – a lot has been written about it and I don’t want to rehash that. No, instead I review ALL the games that came out on it and give my thoughts on what games would be great for the Virtual Console on 3DS – if Nintendo ever decides to do such a thing, which is unlikely. So head on in! Continue reading

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Wii games deserving a Wii U upgrade

This is a short list with some thoughts of Wii games that should be re-released on Wii U. Note that games that don’t benefit muchf rom an HD upgrade are left out. If you disagree, you know you are wrong ;)

Click on the images to see a Full HD screenshot of the original game. Also note that this list can get bigger at any time^^
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