REVIEW: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Rise of Electro

The other “franchise” that is not in MARVEL hands (besides FOX-Men or Fantastic Four) has had many ups and downs over the past twelve years (rellay, it has been only twelve years) and this movie is no exception. This review also contains LIGHT spoilers. Continue reading

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The price of gaming

So with the new “Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain Ground Zero” (what a title) pricing thingy that has parts of the net in uproar I figured it’s time to talk about game pricing in general. So here is the only truth you need to know about that ;) Continue reading

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Random gaming thoughts

Not really somethng I planned out in advance here, let’s see how that goes. Here are a few thoughts of mine about gaming, some might be cool, others might be a complete waste. Let’s start with it :) Continue reading

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The Wii U – Where should Nintendo go from here?

Ever since the Wii U came out the system was doomed. That’s nothing new of course, the 3DS was doomed as well, so was the Wii and the DS. And I am sure the next Nintendo System, be it a handheld or a console will be doomed as well. Bu all snark aside, the Wii U is apparently not selling very well so where should Nintendo go from here? The answer migth surprise you! Continue reading

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The Legend of Zelda – From worst to best

Even the worst Zelda game is still pretty good. But which one is the best? The answer is NOT OCARINA OF TIME because it simply isn’t. So this list is actually somethign new. Again I am looking at things from a gamedesign perspective and not from a personal perspective. A short personal top 10 will bookend this list again. Of course I oly count official Zelda games. So without further ado, here we go: Continue reading

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Monetizing Nintendo: About Let’s Play and using Nintendo Content on YouTube

As a YouTube video creator (original content only) and hobby game designer (No fangames) I understand BOTH sides of the debatte and I’d like to share my thoughts on this. Continue reading

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The current console market and the future of gaming

EA announced that they will not publish a Madden game for Wii U this year. This decision led many a fanboy to rage about EA and/or Nintendo again. The PS4 is announced by Sony on March 19th and the Microsoft NextBox as I like to call it on May 21st, roughly eight months into the lifespan of the Wii U, a system badly named, under advertised and overpriced. While nobody, not even Nintendo seems to know what the general message about the Wii U is, Sony pounds the drums of social here and social there, sharing and the likes. Their complete lack of knowledge about what that actually means bites them in the ass already though – how else can it be that there was not a single woman present at the PS4 presentation – women who are the definition of social networkers. And let’s not forget the talk about DRM, always on and anti piracy measures on the NextBox, a move so obscure it raises eyebrows everywhere. Continue reading

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