Modern Media Mixed Messages

I am currently getting back into StarCraft 2 and while I install the game I kinda keep thinking about modern media in general – games, comics, movies, music – and why times today are sucking more than ever and yet are better than ever at the same time. Continue reading

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PokéMon Snap MMO

You want a PokéMon MMO? I want something else – a PokéMon Snap MMO. Why do I want that and how does it work? Come in to find out! Continue reading

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Virtual Boy – All games review and 3DS Virtual (Boy) Console candidates

The Virtual Boy is the one system Nintendo wants to forget – a lot has been written about it and I don’t want to rehash that. No, instead I review ALL the games that came out on it and give my thoughts on what games would be great for the Virtual Console on 3DS – if Nintendo ever decides to do such a thing, which is unlikely. So head on in! Continue reading

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Wii games deserving a Wii U upgrade

This is a short list with some thoughts of Wii games that should be re-released on Wii U. Note that games that don’t benefit muchf rom an HD upgrade are left out. If you disagree, you know you are wrong ;)

Click on the images to see a Full HD screenshot of the original game. Also note that this list can get bigger at any time^^
Continue reading

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REVIEW: X-Men (All of ‘em)

So while everyone is reviewing or talking about the latest X-Flick I’d much rather combine reviews, retrospectives and random babble to an article so this is exactly what I am doing here. This article contains spoilers to ALL X-Men movies. Ye have been warned!

Edit: Yay, this is my 100th post!

Continue reading

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REVIEW: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Rise of Electro

The other “franchise” that is not in MARVEL hands (besides FOX-Men or Fantastic Four) has had many ups and downs over the past twelve years (rellay, it has been only twelve years) and this movie is no exception. This review also contains LIGHT spoilers. Continue reading

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The price of gaming

So with the new “Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain Ground Zero” (what a title) pricing thingy that has parts of the net in uproar I figured it’s time to talk about game pricing in general. So here is the only truth you need to know about that ;) Continue reading

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